Ukrainian manufacturer - high quality men's footwear.
About us
Marriotti is a family business that was founded in 1999.
That was a small team of masters, which did not have its own brand or reputation in the market. At that time we did not know that we will become one of the largest companies in our field. We worked hard to make our dreams come true - Marriotti is a national brand.
We have developed our products and droduction for twenty years. Our main goal was to take our special place in the Ukrainian market and prove to Ukrainians that native production of men's footwear can have a European quality.
Now every season our experts fly around the world to find high-quality materials at international exhibitions.
Our production is very flexible and has a high capacity.
Join the cooperation and offer your customers quality elegant men's shoes from talented Ukrainian manufacturer - MARRIOTTI!
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Efficient Italian equipment allows our customers to receive their order without delay. Marriotti has a quality certificate and a sanitary and hygienic conclusion on product safety.
In production we use only the leather of a young bull, imported from Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Ukraine. All raw materials correspond to category "A" or "A+". Shoe last, that we use - exclusive from Italy. They easily adapt to the European foot and giving every day comfort to the owner of the shoe.
If after the purchase you find that the product does not match your agreed order on the basis of quality or materials, you can return or exchange it within 14 days. If the declared quality, colors or sizes do not match, we will refund the cost of the goods. All warranties are based on Ukrainian law and the agreement between Marriotti and its customers or distributors..
Trust of partners
Marriotti provide a men's footvwear to the largest chains of shoe stores, as well as to major distributors of men's shoes.

Get a commercial offer to export shoes
What is the minimum order?
You need to order at least 300 pairs of shoes.
Production time
Usually it takes 2-3 weeks after ordering.
We ship products anywhere around the world
Is it possible to order custom sizes and colors of one model?
Our production is flexible: it allows you to order different sizes and colors, as well as choose different pressing options.
Become a new partner
If you are interested in cooperation, we will be happy to answer all your questions and show our collection at the meeting.
For you, our managers stay in touch at any time of the day or night.
Leave your contacts and we will contact you immediately!

Телефон: +38 096 80 70 776
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